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Main Building


Activity Room

2 Resident Rooms

Caring and friendly personal care assistants provide hands-on supervision 24/7. Our fully trained staff of 14, has a long history of employment at Lake Wire. All staff are screened with full background checks.

Residence Buildings

22 Air Conditioned
Resident Rooms

Rooms are fully furnished. The majority of our residents are aged 25-65. Residents with a violent history are not accepted. For safety reasons, we cannot accept residents who are non-ambulatory or have dementia.


  • Movies
  • Bingo
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Walking
  • Outings
    • - The Mall
    • - Restaurants


Appointments and outings for activities have transportation arranged to and from locations.


Delicious food prepared on premises with three meals a day plus snacks. Special meals such as birthdays, cookouts, and holiday parties are included.

Personal Health.

We offer complete supervision of medications as per doctor's orders. We document each medicine, complete all pharmacy requests and handle all paperwork. Medical personnel visit the facility every other week and we arrange for periodic psychological evaluations.